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Need to get in touch? We’re working on it…

At Midland Karting, we’re proud of our reputation for customer service and satisfaction.

We have nearly 300 reviews on Google with a 4.5-star rating. TripAdvisor reviews rate us similarly, whilst Facebook reviewers rate us 4.9 out of 5.

But sometimes, we get things wrong.

We always listen to the feedback our guests give us and implement changes where appropriate.

Since we re-opened following the Covid-19 shutdowns, some of our customers have told us they’ve had difficulty getting in touch with us through our telephone service.

We have looked into our telephone system and recently introduced a queuing system, meaning customers will no longer be asked to leave a voicemail message or be greeted by an engaged tone if we’re busy. Instead, they will be placed into a queue with the system advising them of their position, allowing our team members to get to their call in a timely manner whilst still delivering outstanding service.

Unfortunately, it appears we’ve had some teething issues with this system, meaning some customers have waited a significant length of time to speak to a team member.

For this, we’re sorry.

This isn’t acceptable and it’s something that we’ll be picking up with our telephone service provider.

We’ll continue to use the queue system as we believe it offers the best service to our customers, but we’ll also be learning from the experience.

You can book and reserve spaces and events using our online booking system, which is available 24 hours a day. You can also use it to check prices and availability. Our website answers most questions, and we’re looking at introducing additional technology to support our customers before they visit us.

If you need to speak to a team member, as well as our telephone service you can send us an email or message us on Facebook.

We aim to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible, but we’re also running at reduced staffing levels to ensure we do all we can to keep our colleagues safe during these times, so our response times may be a little slower than we’d like.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, and we look forward to seeing you at our karting circuit soon.