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Next-gen karting

Introducing our cutting-edge TBKart fleet of go-karts.

We're taking outdoor go-karting to the next level.

Experience the best

Our TBKarts provide an unparalled go-karting experience.

TBKarts stands proudly among the best in the industry, known for their exceptional quality and performance. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, TBKarts consistently delivers the fast and reliable experience that our customers love. Whether it's the precision engineering, the attention to detail, or the dedication to safety, our TBKarts consistently sets the bar high, and provides a fantastic outdoor go-karting experience for novices to enthusiasts alike.

Flagship karts

TBKart R25

Introducing the TBKart R25, equipped with the cutting-edge ISAC Safety System, an innovative and user-friendly frontal shock absorption mechanism. Emphasizing safety as a top priority, the R25 incorporates advanced technology components and a comprehensive protective concept to safeguard all mechanisms and moving parts. Notably, it incorporates an ingenious 'anti-gas and brake system' that prevents simultaneous use of the throttle and brake, enhancing safety and preventing overheating.

Experience the excellence of the TB Kart R25 and elevate your go-karting adventures to new heights.

Paired go-karting

TBKart Biposto two-seater

Introducing the BIPOSTO, a versatile two-seater kart embodying cutting-edge go-kart engineering. Designed for both entertainment and educational purposes, the BIPOSTO excels in safety with its perimeter protection, dual protection system, and comprehensive component safeguarding. It offers a thrilling shared driving experience, featuring two functional steering wheels that cater to a diverse range of users, including parents with children, coaches with aspiring drivers, friends seeking excitement, colleagues bonding during team-building events, assisted driving for special educational needs (SEN) individuals, and more!

With adjustable pedals and ergonomic seats ensuring comfort, the BIPOSTO is meticulously crafted for efficiency and reliability. Its user-friendly design, including quick-release fastening clips for easy maintenance, has made it a highly sought-after go-karting choice in the UK.

The BIPOSTO is the epitome of accessible karting, providing an unforgettable experience for all. Whether for fun or learning, this exceptional two-seater kart brings together technology, safety, and excitement, captivating enthusiasts and fueling demand within fleets worldwide.

Great for youngsters

TBKart Mini R13

The MINI R13 from TBKART is the epitome of excellence, bringing years of experience in the industry to cater specifically to younger drivers. This model incorporates top-of-the-line engineering, ensuring the highest safety standards through innovative systems like perimeter protection, dual protection, and comprehensive component safeguarding. Its agility and lightweight design promote an enjoyable driving experience while prioritizing endurance and driver safety.

With attention to detail and a racing-inspired aesthetic, the MINI R13 fulfils the dreams of young users aspiring to become professional drivers. It offers versatile customization options with adjustable seats and pedals, exemplifying TBKART's commitment to adaptability across its product line. Backed by reliable Honda 4-stroke engines, the MINI R13 guarantees controlled performances that balance accessibility and excitement. This benchmark product, boasting refined features for optimal handling, is a fantastic option for younger go-karting enthusiasts and provides an exceptional go-karting experience.

Paired go-karting


Introducing the RMAX, the pinnacle of our racing fleet. This model combines racing characteristics with a focus on safety, offering extraordinary performance and reliability. Equipped with advanced shock-absorbing solutions, including perimeter protection and a dual protection system, the RMAX enables even inexperienced users to experience the thrill of kart racing. It's not only ideal for traditional practice sessions and competitions but also adds value to corporate team-building events. With its versatile design, drivers can customise their driving position using the multiple seat and pedal adjustment options.

The RMAX, blending the spirit of a racing kart with the durability of a rental kart, satisfies drivers seeking enhanced performance while maintaining ease of maintenance. The RMAX is a unique and much-loved option for go-karting enthusiasts.