Track Days

Our Track Day events build on our years of experience in delivering tuition sessions to children aged 8-16 years of age.
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Minimum Age

8 years old

Minimum Group Size

1 driver(s)

Does your child want to be the next Lewis Hamilton, Sebastien Vettel or Danica Patrick? Maybe they’re wanting to follow a career as a motorsport engineer or technician?

Whatever their future ambitions may be, at Midland Karting we are working on nurturing the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts, fans and experts.

Our Track Day events build on our years of experience in delivering tuition sessions to children aged 8-16 years of age.

We don’t just give them a helmet and a ‘racing line’ to follow. Our sessions provide expert guidance on important aspects such as good ‘race craft’ and the theory of motor racing.

After a period of classroom-based learning, drivers will head out onto the circuit to put it all into practice under the watchful eye of our tutors. Drivers will be given one-to-one trackside guidance and feedback throughout, before heading out onto the circuit for one final time – a race against their fellow students, to see who’s learnt the most and who’s the quickest.


The typical itinerary for the morning is as follows:

09:15 – Arrival
Drivers arrive with parents/guardians. Outstanding balances are paid, disclaimer forms are completed and signed by parents/guardians.

09:30 – Introductions
Drivers are escorted to briefing room where Instructors will be introduced. During this time, each driver will watch our Health and Safety briefing video and kitted out with appropriate racewear for the day.

10:00 – Race Craft
Learn the fundamentals of motorsport – including vehicle control, flags and signals, braking, accelerating, cornering and – most importantly, for some – overtaking.

11:00 – Track Practice and Race
Skills learnt in the classroom are brought out onto the circuit for the first time. Individual feedback from the instructors will be provided to each driver to ensure maximum knowledge is obtained

The theory and lessons learnt in practice are brought into a fun-but-competitive race, with post-race podium celebration.

11:30 – Lunch
Enjoy a hot lunch with refreshing drink to quench the thirst of an action-packed morning.

12:00 – Departure
Parents/Guardians return to collect the drivers

Circuit Membership

As an additional reward, all participants in our Track Days benefit from an annual Membership, providing them with 10% off future bookings.

Important information

All drivers must have a completed driver waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian to participate in the Track Day. Drivers must ensure they arrive in good time as the Track Day will begin on time without exception. Spaces are restricted for safety and quality purposes. Circuit membership valid for the remainder of that calendar year and may be withdrawn at any time. Please speak to a member of the circuit sales team for additional information.


As is industry-standard, all drivers must wear a balaclava when wearing a Midland Karting helmet. The cost of your session does not include the cost of a balaclava. You may bring your own balaclava, or purchase one during booking or upon arrival.

Arrival Time

We request that you arrive at the venue 30-minutes prior to your scheduled event start time. This is to ensure all relevant paperwork is completed prior to your event starting. We cannot guarantee your full booking time where the start has been delayed due to late arrival.


As part of our Covid-safe procedures, we've implemented digital signatures for driver waivers. Speed up your sign-in for your event and have all of your drivers sign their waiver prior to arrival - just click the button to begin! Please note that there must be a completed waiver for each driver.

Age Restrictions

Midland Karting reserve the right to refuse, cancel or reject any booking where the age of the drivers does not meet the age requirements of the track. Midland Karting reserve the right to request proof of ages at any time - including during your session. Please speak to a member of the team if you have any queries.

Booking Information

For your security, upon arrival at the circuit you must present the debit/credit card used when making your booking, as well as matching valid photo identification. The name listed on the debit/credit card must be identical to the contact name listed on your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

All sessions must be pre-booked, preferably at least 24-hours in advance. We do not currently offer “arrive-and-drive” sessions. If you wish to visit the circuit today, please call 01543 418419 before commencing your journey.

We cannot guarantee circuit availability without a booking.

You can check circuit availability at any time by visiting our online booking portal, available and up-to-date 24-hours a day.

Karting is an all-weather sport and we rarely face conditions requiring us to cancel events. We will always keep our social media channels updated in times of poor weather. Please contact us if you are concerned.

All safety equipment is provided free of charge – this includes race suit, helmet and gloves. A balaclava is mandatory when using our helmets – a cotton one can be purchased upon arrival.

You are advised to wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions, along with sturdy closed-toe footwear. We do not permit high-heels or sandals/flip flops.

We offer an in-depth Frequently Asked Questions section here.

Alternatively, you can contact us and ask us directly.

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