Midland Karting currently offers three circuits on the same site, dependent upon the event, requirements and availability.

The unique layout and configuration of the site means that two circuits can operate independently of each other. In addition, there is the possibility and option to combine the two circuits into a larger, single circuit.

Our license to operate allows us to host races from early until late, seven days a week. Whilst this may seem ideal in the summer months, we have floodlights installed across both circuits, bringing a whole new dimension to racing in the winter months.

Both circuits have access to our on-site catering facilities, where hot and cold food can be purchased alongside our numerous vending machines. Heated and covered spectator areas are also provided.

International Circuit

The International Circuit is the primary circuit, referred to on occasion by the staff and regulars as the “front” circuit.

Designed for racers aged 12-years and over, the International Circuit offers high-speed straights and fast free-flowing corners, perfectly suited to our 2018 Sodi GT4 karts.

Reaching top speeds of 40mph, the grippy tarmac makes this the ultimate outdoor karting experience and as close to Formula 1 as you can get in a go kart.

The circuit is specifically designed for close and competitive high-speed racing, whilst also allowing for the lesser experienced racers to gain knowledge in understanding racecraft and honing their skills.

Family Circuit

The Family Circuit is tailored to be shorter and slower than our International Circuit, making use of our lower-speed BIZ kart fleet.

Suitable for children aged 8-years and over, the Family Circuit provides the perfect karting location for children and families to kart together, either as family bonding time or as a birthday party or celebration.

Wider racing areas, shorter straights and slower corners mean that whilst still technically challenging, the circuit is more suited to newcomers to karting or those with less experience. It’s the perfect circuit for tuition, family karting sessions or birthday parties where there may be a mix of abilities on the track.

Super Circuit

The brand-new Super Circuit combines both our International and Family Circuits, giving drivers the ultimate challenge.

Perfectly suited for larger groups or longer endurance sessions, drivers will be able to experience the thrills and spills of grand prix karting in our Sodi GT4 karts.

Combining the circuits means new challenges as it introduces new hairpin bends, fast sweeping corners and more straights resulting in higher speeds in our petrol-powered karts. In addition, the larger circuit can host up to 14 karts at any one time – meaning full-on epic racing for larger groups!

Why not push your skill boundaries further and finish your race under our floodlights, for the ultimate endurance event?

To book or enquire about the new circuit, please speak to a member of the sales team.