Midland Karting's Coronavirus Policy

The health and safety of our guests, visitors and colleagues has always been of the utmost importance to us here at Midland Karting. As a result, we have published the following policy outlining how we will allow guests on-site whilst continuing to follow the Government’s advice and guidance on managing the virus.

Showing symptoms or tested positive?

If you are symptomatic or have spent time within the last two weeks with someone who has been showing symptoms of (or tested positive for) Coronavirus, we ask that you do not visit us and instead follow the Government's advice on isolation. We will be happy to reschedule your event for another time.

Social Distancing

We will be actively encouraging all guests to remain the recommended 2-metres between all members of staff, guests and any other person present at the venue at all times. The venue has a number of posters in place reminding everyone of their responsibilities around social distancing, whilst some areas of the venue will be cordoned off - for example in the café - or have limitations in place. Where possible, we will manage the number of people on site at any one time through event booking, car park control and entrance/exit point management.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Members of staff will wear appropriate PPE such as facemasks and/or face shields, and gloves. Where staff and guests interact, for example in the café, reception and suit room, shields have been installed to aid in the reducing the risk of infection. Guests are welcome, and advised, to wear their own protective equipment - i.e. face mask and gloves - in line with Government advice.

Hand Sanitisation and Washing

We have installed a number of alcohol-gel dispensers across the venue, and will actively encourage all guests and staff to use them at regular intervals. Guests are welcome to bring their own sanitisation handgels on site if they prefer. Hand washing facilities are also available on site and guests will be encouraged to follow Government guidelines in handwashing frequently.

Equipment Cleansing

Our race helmets, gloves and race suits undergo regular cleaning anyway, but during this difficult time we are increasing the frequency and using more stringent cleaning methods and chemicals to ensure the risk of asmptomatic transmission is reduced. Additional cleaning will be taking place across the venue too, throughout the day.

Changes to Venue Procedures

To ensure compliance with social distancing and other Government-issued guidelines, we will be implementing the following procedures:

  • Car parking will be segregated (please see information below)
  • No more than SIX persons per party; this includes drivers and spectators. A party may, for example, consist of four drivers and two spectators. As per Government guidelines, guests may come from more than one household.
  • We will be cashless until further notice. Please pay be debit or credit card in advance (by telephone or online); where this isn’t possible, we will accept card payments at the venue.
  • Upon arrival, ONE person from the party must enter the Reception area to report your party’s arrival and to complete any outstanding payments or paperwork.
  • Pre-event briefings will take place outside where possible. Where the weather does not permit this, the group may be taken into a room where distancing is possible and shown the standard briefing video.
  • No more than FOUR drivers will be permitted into the suit room at any one time. Where weather permits, we request drivers take suits and equipment outside to put them on.
  • All drivers MUST wear a balaclava when wearing Midland Karting helmets. Drivers not owning a balaclava can purchase one at the circuit. Please enquire about this during booking.
  • Drivers MUST wear appropriate gloves for racing. We will have gloves available for purchasing should drivers not wish to wear those supplied by Midland Karting.

For your own safety and that of our colleagues, please:

  • DO listen to and follow the instructions being given to you by a member of the team.
  • DO obey social distancing guidelines at all times.
  • DO follow the guidance provided in the venue signage and posters.
  • DO NOT remove signage, barriers or other materials intended to set or aid with distancing.
  • DO NOT visit us if you are feeling unwell, should be isolating (per Government advice), have tested positive or been in contact with someone who has Coronavirus in the last fourteen days.
  • DO NOT visit us unless you have a session or event booked, to help us manage the guests on site.

The management team reserve the right to refuse entry to or eject from the venue any persons not complying with the above, or who place the safety of colleagues or other guests in danger.

Car Parking

For events taking place on the Family Circuit, please park at the rear of the venue (by driving behind the buildings).

Enter the circuit area via the sign-posted Family Circuit Entrance.

For events taking place on the International Circuit, please park in the front car park (do not pass the buildings).

Enter the circuit area through the archway, immediately next to the Race Control tower.


We’re sure you understand that this is a dynamic situation and circumstances may change at any given time. As a result, we may have to amend aspects of this policy at short notice, based on the Government’s issued guidlines and criteria.

Where possible, we will provide as much notice as possible of any amendments – but this may not always be feasible. If changes are made resulting in events being cancelled, we will endeavour to rearrange as per our booking terms and conditions.

Additional Information

As always, the first and most reliable source for the latest information on Coronavirus “CoVID-19” is the Government, Public Health England and NHS. For information on symptoms, managing the illness, social distancing and anything else associated with the virus, please visit following websites.

If you feel unwell whilst at the circuit, please speak to a colleague immediately whilst keeping a minimum 2-metre distance at all times.