Important information about Coronavirus "CoVID-19"

In accordance with Government guidance, we have made some important changes to help minimise the risk and impact of the Coronavirus "CoVID-19".

Karting for Adults

Karting for Individuals

Practice Sessions

Our practice sessions are available seven days a week on the International Circuit, subject to availability. They provide the perfect opportunity to practice your race craft, kart handling, learn the circuit or just to get some track time.

TASTER Sessions

Never tried karting before? Then our Taster Sessions are the perfect way to start. After the safety briefing, we'll show you all of the basic controls before letting you out onto the track to sample motorsport and karting for the first time!

Karting for Small Groups

Midland 20 - Min 6 drivers

A 5-minute qualifying session followed by 20-minutes of lights-to-flag action makes the Midland 20 our shortest but highly popular endurance event. Perfect for 6-10 drivers.

Midland 30 - min 6 drivers

If you want more on-track action, the Midland 30 provides you with a full 30-minutes of racing after a 5-minute qualifying session to determine who starts from pole position. For 6-10 drivers.

Karting for Larger Groups

MK Sprint 30 - min 12 drivers

There's no room for error in our shortest F1-style event. Your party will be split into groups, with each group having their own 30-lap mini heat before a final race to determine the best driver.

MK Sprint 50 - min 12 drivers

Your party will be split into smaller groups in the MK Sprint 50, with each group having a 50-lap race to determine the best, before a final race to determine the best-of-the-best.

Midland 60 - min 12 drivers

A full 1-hour of endurance racing, based on the traditional Le Mans format. Two drivers are allocated per kart, with each team competing to complete the most number of laps in a 60-minute session. Ideal for 12-24 drivers.

Midland 90 min 18 drivers

Push your teamwork to the maximum with our Midland 90 event. Upto three drivers per kart and a full 90-minutes of racing action. The team who complete the most laps will be deemed the winner, with strategy playing a crucial part. Perfect for 18-36 drivers.

GP Super PRix - min 12 drivers

A multi-heat, multi-lap race format that is perfect for larger groups. Drivers go against each other in a number of races to eventually determine who is the best. A minimum of 14-drivers required.

GP Mega Prix - min 25 drivers

The GP Mega Prix steps things up a notch - multiple heats and races culminate in a final race of champions to determine the best of the group. A minimum of 25-drivers is required for this event.