Saturday Morning Saver

The perfect way to kick-start your weekend!

Due to extreme demand, we’re offering our Sunday Practice Saver on Saturdays… Until March 2019, we’ll now be running a “Saturday Morning Saver”..!

When does it run?

The Saturday Morning Saver will run every Saturday from 09:30-midday until the end of March 2019, subject to circuit availability.

What is the format?

As many laps as you can, in the time you paid for! No stop-starts, no race-to-the-finish; it’s a simple timed session of 20, 30 or 40 minutes to get as many laps as you can under your belt – perfect for honing your skills on the circuit, or to improve your best time.

What karts do you use?

The Saturday Morning Saver uses our new fleet of Sodi Karts, on our larger International Circuit.

How much does it cost?

It depends how long you want to race for..! 20-minutes track time is £15, whilst 30-minutes costs £20 and 40-minutes is just £25!

You’ll also need to purchase a balaclava (disposable or reusable) if you don’t have your own.

Who is this for?

As this event uses our International Circuit and Sodi Karts, we must implement rules of all drivers being over 12-years of age and a minimum height of 1.3m.

Do I need to book?

Absolutely! Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee availability without pre-booking – but booking is really easy through our online system. Alternatively, you can call us on 01543 418419.