Junior Track Days

Our Junior Track Days take place regularly throughout the year, allowing children the opportunity to learn the theory of motor racing whilst honing their skills on-track under the expert guidance and supervision of our staff and tutors.

With limited spaces on each day, these sessions typically sell-out rapidly.

A typical itinerary of the day is shown below.


All Children, along with their Parents/Guardians are to arrive and report at reception. Any outstanding balance is to be paid, disclaimers need to be signed and lunch options chosen at this point.


Children will be escorted to our briefing room where our Instructor will be introduced, and children will be introduced to each other. There will also be a Health and Safety Video to watch, along with race suit kit-out for the track sessions.


Children learn the basics of race craft – including kart control, flags, lights, braking and accelerating, cornering and overtaking. This is all followed by a fun quiz!


The first opportunity to put the theory into practice, children take to the circuit under the guidance of the instructor. There will also be opportunities for the instructor to advise individuals on how to improve their own driving skills.

11:30 RACE

Children will take part in a race, bringing all that they’ve learnt to the circuit in a friendly-but-competitive race. There will be a medal presentation ceremony post-race.

12:15 LUNCH

A lunch of a burger, hot dog or chicken nuggets is served alongside chips and a drink.


Parents collect children.


All participants in our Junior Track Days benefit from an annual Membership, providing them with 10% off future bookings.

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