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In accordance with Government guidance, we have made some important changes to help minimise the risk and impact of the Coronavirus "CoVID-19".

New Team Building Challenges!

We’ve added some fantastic Team Building Events that are going down a storm. This is just a flavour of what’s on offer – why not come along and test your skills?

  1. Blindfold Driving Challenge

This activity tests the communication skills of each team member, as they compete to win the Blind Driving Challenge. Delegates are split into teams  – one driver, plus walkie-talkie operator and ‘guiders’. The challenge is for the walkie-talkie operator and guiders to use their communication skills to remotely direct the blindfolded driver around the track. The guiders are on hand to fine tune the directions, with the aim of completing the circuit in the fastest time possible. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and plan for the obstacles ahead!

Take a look at all of our Team Building events here



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